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Conducting Online exams is easier than ever

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When perfection met with accesibility,
We called it PrepEx.


PrepEx provides the right amount of analytical features for quick estimations

Instant Results

The Examination results will be delivered instantly but controlled, so you decide when to publish them

Responsive design

Increased mobility expands the accessiblity to the widest user-groups

Live Support

We undersrand that students tend to be tensed during exams, so we give them a helping hand

What We Do

We've built PrepEx as a replacement for all examination needs

Built for Students

We've made it easier for the students to attend any exam without obstruction, but kept the security intact

Ease of access

Evaluation have been the most tedious task for teachers! We've arranged everything perfectly for quicker access

Creative Design

We've redefined the whole concepts of online examinations to heal the unlimited number of loopholes in them

Faster & Effective

We've considered every aspect of network availability in remote regions and made it possible for everyone to use it equally!

Apart from application speed, Speed is something with a vital role in examinations, which everyone cares about. We've also included various timers and notifications for better in-exam time management

The tradition is preserved

It's not that easy for everyone to just start using a freshly introduced system.

We've got it all covered and made it possible to keep using pen and paper to write the exam even if everything is handled digitally.

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